Brix Stratum Brown Terracotta Split face Bathroom Wall Tiles 31x45

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Unique & Bold From our original Brix Stratum feature split face tiles range.

These tiles mimic rocks and natural stone. If you are worried of tiles dating and going out of fashion then these are ones you can't go wrong with. The pattern and layout is split giving a random face to the finish.

Treat your self and your room with these unique stick mumbai tiles laid in random pieces and combined into a tile. Will enhance and tweak any bathrooms, kitchen or living room tiling projects.

  • Size(Approx): 31cm x45cm
  • Tiles/M2: 7
  • Deployment: Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room Tiles
  • Application: Walls
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Finish: Satin Matt
  • Type: Splitface Tiles

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