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10kg Ultra Tile Fix Flexible Wall & Floor Grout - 12 COLOURS

UltraTileFix ProGrout Flexible has been designed for areas where movement or vibration is likely. Polymer has been added to the formulation to increase flexibility and to provide a virtually impermeable set. UltraTileFix ProGrout Flexible is suitable for joint widths up to 20mm. ProGrout Flexible is packaged using the latest plastic packaging technology, offering you greater product protection and prolonged freshness.


  • Designed for use with all tile types
  • ColourShield technology for vibrant durable finishes
  • Ideal for wetrooms, swimming pools and underfloor heating systems
  • Wash down with minimal effort
  • 1-20mm joint thickness
  • 30 – 60 minutes pot life
  • 12 hours hard set
  • Mould resistant
  • Conforms to CG2 WA EN 13888 classification
  • Sizes: 10kg
  • Colours: White, Cream, Bahama Beige, Jasmine, Limestone, Taupe, Brown, Silver Grey, Mid-Grey, Grey, Charcoal & Black
  • Lifetime guarantee

  • UltraTileFix ProGrout Flexible should be added slowly to clean water in a suitable mixing vessel in the approximate by volume ratio as indicated on the side. 
  • Mix until a smooth consistency is achieved, leave to stand for 2 minutes then remix. Do not mix more than can be used in a 30-45 minutes period. 
  • Do not rewet or add too much water. This will cause a weakening of the grout and a tendency to crumble. In certain cases this may also lead to discolouration in the form of efflorescence.


  • The grout should be applied to the surface using a rubber backed trowel or squeegee. 
  • Work the mixed material thoroughly into the joints a small area at a time. Ensure that the joints are completely filled without voids before continuing. Excess grout should be removed as grouting proceeds. 
  • Any residue left on the face of the tile can be removed by wiping with a damp sponge when the grout has started to firm (approximately 15 minutes - when using a normal ceramic tile. On non absorbent tiles such as porcelain, this may take up to an hour). 
  • Any dry film remaining once the job is complete can be polished off the face of the tiles with a soft dry cloth. 
  • Finishing when the grout is not firm to the touch, may lead to joints being emptied or potential
    colour variation.


  • Tools should be thoroughly cleaned with water to remove excess material immediately after use and before the grout sets.
Points Of Note:
  • The curing period for cement based tile adhesives will be affected by extremes in temperature. High temperature site conditions will increase the speed of cure therefore reducing the pot life and set times. Low temperatures will reduce the speed of cure extending the pot life and set times. 
  •  It is therefore good practice to consider site conditions and storage of materials as essential factors in planning tiling installations.
  • All UltraTileFix grouts are manufactured to meet the performance requirements of BS EN 13888 and the relevant classifications.
  • Please note that this product uses natural aggregates and other materials that may marginally vary in colour. This does not affect the consistency or characteristics of the product.
  • Certain tiles may suffer discolouration or scratching when using grouts. We would recommend that a test application be carried out prior to grouting.
  • Our grouts go through stringent checks to ensure quality and colour, however due to the use of raw materials we suggest a trial area to ensure colour is consistent and as expected.


  • This product must be stored in unopened bags, clear of the ground in dry conditions. Avoid frost. Ideal storage temperatures are between 5 ?C and 25 ?C

Health & Safety :

  • Please ensure that appropriate PPE is used when preparing, mixing and applying products.
  •  Always wash hands before consuming food and make sure that materials are kept safely out of reach of children and animals.
  • Please dispose of packaging and waste appropriately

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Maxi Grout Xtra Anti Mould Flexible Grout - Various Colours 10KG

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