Under Floor Heating Twin Matt 100 Watts 2m2 Kit Package

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Advanced Fluropolymer, Armour Braid, Ultra-Thin, Self-Adhesive, High Quality Heating Mats

All Kits come with thermostats!

100W/sqm Underfloor Heating Mats

WFS advanced heating mat systems have been manufactured for professional use, yet are easy to install at any skill level. WFS 100W/sqm heating mat systems provide supplementary heating for bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas creating a warm floor surface and in some cases can provide a full heating solution when used in conjunction with insulation. 

Underfloor Heating Mats

All WFS Mat systems utilise our insulated, twisted dual core heating element, protected by an armour braid and our advanced tough heat resistant fluropolymer outer jacket. All WFS cables have a high IP rating of 67 which is suitable for use in wet areas and in conjunction with wet room systems. The heating element is attached to a 100% fully self-adhesive fibreglass mesh for rapid and superior installation without any need for priming on a clean dust free floor, ensuring zero lift in self-levelling compounds and peace of mind, no messing around with the peeling of double sided tapes. WFS heating mats come with only one power lead wire making it easy to install without raising the floor level. All WFS cables are manufactured in Sweden, world leaders in underfloor heating process and quality. WFS Cable manufacture complies and surpasses all UK and European standards and requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Fluropolymer insulation
  • Twin conductor cable
  • Armour braid
  • SAFE™ 16 Year Guarantee Warranty
  • 100% Fully self-adhesive fibre mesh for rapid installation and fixing
  • Ideal for tiled floors, carpet, bonded wood and vinyl surfaces when covered with a levelling compound
  • Pre-spaced heating elements for uniform heat dispersal
  • A large range of standard sizes
  • Made in Sweden

Technical Specifications

  • Operating voltage: 220-240V; 50Hz
  • Mat width: 500mm (0.5 metre)
  • Mat thickness: 3mm
  • Inner insulation: Teflon
  • Outer insulation: Advanced fluoropolymer
  • Earth Protection: Armour braid
  • IP Rating: 67
  • Output rating: 100W/sqm, 160 W/sqm and 200W/sqm
  • Cold tail length: (connection lead) 3m
  • Fixing Materials: self-adhesive fibre mesh

Compatible With

  • Thermostats
  • Insulation Boards
  • Flexible Levelling Compounds
  • Wet Areas









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