Blhendstone Grey Gris Wall and Floor Kitchen Bathroom Lounge Conservatory Tile 45x90

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With an exorbitant ritzy finish Blhendstone is a lustrous aristocratic large format porcelain wall and floor tile just to suit your invaluable inordinate rich taste.

These large format heavy duty high end procelain tiles would add value to any property with a touch of class.

With a Wavy Concrete finish this tile would give a new modern and really an effective look.

From our new large format walls and floors range Blhendstone comes with a subtle wavy pattern.


  • Size(Approx): 45cm x 90cm
  • Tiles/M2(approx): 2.2
  • Deployment: Bathroom And Kitchen  And Conservatory And Lounge Tiles
  • Application: Walls And Floors
  • Finish: Matt Satin
  • Style: Blendstone Style Effect
  • Material: Matt Satin

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