Kando Sand Wave Full Body Grey Porcelain Polished Wall & Floor 60x60

Brand: Pilkington
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These beautiful sand waves pattern full body porcelain high end polished wall and floor tiles boast character and quality. It's natural sand look finish makes it stand out from the usual and the wave going through incorporates the dessert sand wave theme. 

You might find these tiles deployed at high end structures like 7 star hotels or bespoke multi million properties as those are the landmarks who would not compromise on quality and design. Sandwave is derived from the look of the wave burst by the wind flowing on sand in a dessert thus giving it an on going wavy pattern.

Being full body porcelain it ensures durability and years of performance with style and looks.

Stunning, new and class are the words justifying this quality formation to high light your home's bathroom or kitchen's walls or floors.

  • Size(Approx): 30cm x60cm
  • Tiles/M2: 5.5
  • Deployment: Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles
  • Application: Walls And Floors
  • Material: Full Body Porcelain
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Frost Proof: Yes

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